Share Code Between Services

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I have tried to share some code in a libs folder outside of the folder where my serverless.yml file is. It works perfectly with sls invoke local but invocations fail once deployed : do I have to specify something in particular in my config so that my libs folder is packaged and included ?

Hmm when you say the invocation fails, whats the command that is failing?

sls invoke --function functionName

I have found what was going wrong :

handler: ../file.default

does not work : handler needs to be in the same subtree as the serverless.yml file.

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Glad you figured it out.

Thank you for the article, however it seems that something is missing. I am trying to share code in an external folder, but when I deploy it to lambda I get an error that it cannot find the library.

here is the require in the handler.js file
const errors = require('../../utils/errors/errors');

but when I run the code on lambda it says
Cannot find module '../../utils/errors/errors'

I assume, because you mentioned earlier in the article, that you are using serverless-bundle however, in this section you don’t mention it, or how you set it up.

I installed serverless-bundle, and the error has changed to
Cannot set property 'getError' of undefined
that is the name of the function I am calling in the error util. Do you know if serverless-bundle is moving the file, so I need to use a different path in the require?

Anyways there seems to be more complexity to including shared libraries than the original article indicates.