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How can I see a list of users that I have created in my Cognito User Pool?

I am following along with this guide and everything is working beautifully. I am about to start working on the React front end, but I wanted to see a list of users that I created based on this chapter and I cannot figure out how to do it.

I created the user shown in the guide for “” and it worked fine. I then created another one for “” and it worked as well. Now, I want to see a list of users that I have created, which should show these two.

However, everything I try just shows me my IAM user in Cognito (CLISST). I cannot find any command to run at the command line that would list these users, and when I login to my AWS account in a browser, I cannot find them there either. Strangely, my AWS account even says that I do not have any Cognito User Pools or Cognito Identity Pools, even though I successfully created both per this guide.

Now … I am totally confused by Discourse and have no idea if I am posting this question correctly or in the right place. Please tell me if I am doing any of this incorrectly.

Thanks in advance …

Ok I figured out a command line that I can run to give me this list, but I still cannot figure out how to see all of this by logging into my AWS console for some reason.

Here is the command:

aws cognito-idp list-users --region [enter region here] --user-pool-id [enter user pool id here] --limit 20