Manage AWS Accounts Using AWS Organizations

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Might be worth noting, you need to create an IAM user for this switch role to work, will not work on root account. I did not know this until googling.

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Thanks for pointing this out. Do you mind editing the chapter and submitting a PR to help other folks?

If not let me know which part of the chapter should be mention this and I’ll add it there.

I followed the instructions to add a new account to my AWS Organization, but I have no option to “Switch Role” in my menu. I also cannot login to this user as I do not know the password, and when I click “Forgot password” it says I must request a password reset through the root user. I tried to remove the account, but it says that I cannot remove it because the account has not completed the sign-up steps. What do I do to access and/or delete this user? I think you may have a step missing from your instructions. Thanks for your help!

Hmm were you logged in as the root user when you were creating a new account? For the signup part, you might be using the wrong URL to login.

Yes, I was logging in as the root user. I had to create an IAM user with console access and then login as that user instead. Then the option to switch roles became available.

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I can confirm Susan’s experience above. The switch roles is not available for the root user.