[error] Add a Create Note API

Add a Create Note API
I’m new to webdev and loving this website. Sadly I am already getting an error so early into the lesson.

When I put serverless invoke local --function create --path mocks/create-event.json into the CMD I get an error saying DOTENV: Could not find .env file. and Function "create" doesn't exist in this Service

What have I missed? Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Could someone help? I have gone through the tutorial twice starting from scratch and the problem persists :frowning:

Solved it. It was something silly

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Did you ever figure out what it was? I’m receiving this error now, along with statusCode 400.

Serverless: DOTENV: Could not find .env file.
Serverless: Bundling with Webpack...
{ ResourceNotFoundException: Requested resource not found
 message: 'Requested resource not found',
  code: 'ResourceNotFoundException',
  time: 2019-11-12T08:16:46.197Z,
  statusCode: 400,
  retryable: false,
  retryDelay: 2.463639380610516 }
    "statusCode": 500,
    "headers": {
        "Access-Control-Allow-Origin": "*",
        "Access-Control-Allow-Credentials": true
    "body": "{\"status\":false}"

EDIT: fixed the environment problem by renaming env.example to .env like the readMe says to however still getting this resourcenotfoundexception

Hey Hai-der,

Welcome to the community!

Are you still experiencing with this issue? If so,
can you please provide a screen shot of your file structure, serverless.yml file codes, and the create.js file codes from your code editor.

Thank you!


Hey @anchenqq,
I figured it out, although I don’t quite remember how so I apologize to those in the future reading with the same problem. xD