Display a Note


Had this exact issue, I had “authorizor” in the yml instead of authorizer


Glad you figure it out. Thanks for reporting back.



Thank you for this awesome tutorial!

I am having trouble getting the display note page to load. Similar to previous users, I am getting an
“Error: Request failed with status 500” in the front end when I click on a note in the notes list.

I checked the AWS cloudwatch logs and although I’m not sure what to expect, it does not look like it is throwing an error.

I also tried manually going to the url of one of the note Id’s (localhost:3000/notes/{noteId}) and get the same “Request Failed” message and it brings me to the a different webpage (localhost:3000/notes/undefined)

I believe I followed the instructions correctly and am checking with the repo to make client github repo to make sure my Home, Router and Notes js pages are the same up until this point in the tutorial.

Do you have any ideas what the error could be? Also any debugging steps/ techniques would be greatly appreciated!



I found the issue. I used chrome’s inspect tool to see that the link wasn’t being defined correctly so I figured there might be an error somewhere else.

I had named key in the backend set to noteID instead of noteId for some reason and that was causing undefined to show up instead of the correct key.

Thanks again for the tutorial! Will continue going through it


Ah glad you figured it out!