Deploy the APIs


I checked the lambda functions on AWS console and noticed that the functions’ code size is relatively bigger than the other functions that I’ve created not using the serverless package. (7.5MB to kilobytes)

Does it have to do with the transpile process from Javascript to NodeJS?


Not entirely. The way Serverless Framework does it by default is that each Lambda functions gets the entire package for your application. Say for example, your serverless.yml has a few functions. A package is created for all the functions combined and each Lambda references that larger package. You can change this by asking Serverless Framework to package them individually. The deploy process is longer but the packages are smaller.


my Endpoints: just says None instead of listing them out, anyone know what I missed?


nevermind, yaml indenting errors on my part

I hadn’t properly indented the path: and I had removed the colon (:slight_smile: after https… rookie mistakes

If you are having the same issue, just go back and make sure you type it all in correctly or that copy paste works as you expect!



I am having trouble deploying the app.

Serverless: Operation failed!
  Serverless Error ---------------------------------------
  An error occurred: UpdateLambdaFunction - Template error: IAM role notes-app-api-prod-eu-west-1-lambdaRole doesn't exist.

Can you please guide on the next steps.


This might help you.


I didn’t delete anything until I got the error. I guess at this point my only option is to restart from scratch and see if I missed something.

If I can’t get this to work I’ll just have to pay someone to help me walk through it.


Sorry what is the issue you are having?


my issue was resolved, but even after using the web version of the guide I was still having issues.

turns out the mac notes app was auto-correcting quotes (double and single) and messing things up. had to turn off the auto-correct settings. i’m sure other people have run into this before.


I have run into an issue when trying to deploy where it says there is a serverless error “The specified bucket does not exist”. Im assuming I made some kind of error when setting up my S3 bucket, but I can’t figure out what is wrong. Any tips for how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!


Hmm sometimes that happens when the deployment fails. Is this happening when you run serverless deploy?