Custom Domains for React Apps on AWS

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Everything has worked PERFECTLY to this point, but now I am getting an error when I try to deploy the React app to prod using my custom domain. I have started over again from scratch, from the previous step (where I successfully deployed the API to prod using my custom domain). But every time I get the same error here:

Stack prod-notes-api
** Status: failed**
** Error: Export prod-notes-api:ExportsOutputFnGetAttApiCD79AAA0ApiEndpoint389C4905 cannot be deleted as it is in use by prod-notes-frontend**

Stack prod-notes-auth
** Status: not deployed**
Cannot convert undefined or null to object

It looks like it might be an issue with the exports being removed. Can you share the changes you made for the custom domain?

Thanks for your response. Here is my latest code GitHub - jeff-talley/demo-notes-app

I began doing this guide when you guys said to name the folder for stacks “lib” instead of “stacks”. Apparently you changed the guide in this way recently? Anyway, I left my folder named “lib” and just continued on my merry way (it was not simple to change for some reason).

Could this be the reason I am getting this error? In other words, if my “lib” folder was named “stacks”, would it work?

I am only asking because I have been very careful so far and everything has worked beautifully until now. I doubt that I am missing an export statement, but I could be wrong.

Yeah we had rolled out a change to rename that dir. But I don’t think this is related to that. It seems like the exports might’ve been renamed. You might want to hop over on our Slack and post on there.