Create a New React.js App

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Hey! I think ‘Create a New React App’ section is miss type which ‘$npx create-react-app notes-app-client’ to ‘$npm create-react-app notes-app-client’ .

sorry, I was missunderstanding create-react-app method. this method can be used after ‘$npm install create-react-app’

I would like to know why you write ‘npx create-react-app notes-app-client’ , please tell me !

The npx command runs the create-react-app NPM package without install it globally for you. This is useful since we don’t run the command very often.

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It’s right! I don’t know npx command. Let me check. think you give me message!

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I am having an issue with conflicting versions of eslint. My global installation of npm has version 5.8 of eslint while the create-react-app package requires eslint 6.1. I’ve tried a complete global reinstall of npm but I still get eslint 5.8 as a standard part of install, not 6.1. As a result, the recommendations in the error terminal output won’t fix the problem. (see this SO link for complete description of the problem:

What is the best way to manage this issue when I have a global install of npm?

I’m not entirely sure here. You might have to ask the Create React App guys about this.

I had errors where ‘npm start’ didn’t work. I followed steps here to fix:

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Oh that’s interesting. Never had that issue before. Thanks for reporting.


I am new to the forum and serverless. Sounds very interested and I found your amazing pdf which I intend to use as a guide. One question, I have a use case where this guide will be of great help, only difference is I am creating a PWA, should I follow the create react app part and convert that to a PWA or could someone offer some guidance, would be much appreciated, thank you!!


Hmmm I think converting what we have to a PWA shouldn’t be too hard. That said we don’t have specific instructions for it right now.

Just wanted to simplify aidanjl’s comment for those searching for answers. If you previously installed create-react-app globally, you will get this error on the create:

A template was not provided. This is likely because you’re using an outdated version of create-react-app. Please note that global installs of create-react-app are no longer supported.

Then when you run, npm start, you will get this error:

npm ERR! missing script: start

To fix, simply run this command first to uninstall create-react-app globally since it is no longer supported:

npm uninstall -g create-react-app