Create a New React.js App

From @jayair on Mon Apr 10 2017 01:00:59 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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Hey! I think ‘Create a New React App’ section is miss type which ‘$npx create-react-app notes-app-client’ to ‘$npm create-react-app notes-app-client’ .

sorry, I was missunderstanding create-react-app method. this method can be used after ‘$npm install create-react-app’

I would like to know why you write ‘npx create-react-app notes-app-client’ , please tell me !

The npx command runs the create-react-app NPM package without install it globally for you. This is useful since we don’t run the command very often.

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It’s right! I don’t know npx command. Let me check. think you give me message!

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I am having an issue with conflicting versions of eslint. My global installation of npm has version 5.8 of eslint while the create-react-app package requires eslint 6.1. I’ve tried a complete global reinstall of npm but I still get eslint 5.8 as a standard part of install, not 6.1. As a result, the recommendations in the error terminal output won’t fix the problem. (see this SO link for complete description of the problem:

What is the best way to manage this issue when I have a global install of npm?

I’m not entirely sure here. You might have to ask the Create React App guys about this.