Create a DynamoDB Table

It looks as if the default role selection has changed:

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I see. Thanks. We’ll update the screenshot.

Instructions need update as default settings create auto scaling by default.

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Thanks for letting us know.

On-Demand Capacity is DynamoDB’s pay per request mode. For workloads that are not predictable or if you are just starting out, this ends up being a lot cheaper than the Provisioned Capacity mode.

I noticed the BillingMode: PAY_PER_REQUEST in one of the files and came back to this section. I think you will get a $1.50/month bill for dynamodb just for the few read and writes you have from this tutorial if you use pay/request.

If you are using aws basic plan with free tier (I think most beginners are) then Provisioned Capacity is free because youmost likely will stay within the free 25 read and 25 write units. With pay on demand you still get the free 25gb storage but there is no free capacity for read and write requests.

Free Tier List
Some discussion on reddit
On demand price list


Thanks for posting this. In normal usage the PAY_PER_REQUEST mode works out far cheaper. That’s the reason we switched it over form the provisioned mode. But I can see how it would affect somebody that is simply testing things out.

The first screen after selecting Create Table is no longer about encryption. Encryption options have moved to the very end. Updated images might be in order.

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Thanks for letting us know!