Create a Cognito User Pool

Correct, that one is the image (sorry for the late reply, I was out of the town this week).

After clicking “Add an app client”, the options have changed on the AWS Cognito page titled “Which app clients will have access to this user pool?”

Which options are we supposed to select now? My guess is that we are supposed to select “Enable username password auth for admin APIs for authentication (ALLOW_ADMIN_USER_PASSWORD_AUTH)”.

I am experiencing the same issue!

It is now different than what they have in the guide.

The text and image portion of the guide about Enable sign-in API for server-based authentication needs to be updated to reflect a change from AWS. The new option is Enable username password auth for admin APIs for authentication (ALLOW_ADMIN_USER_PASSWORD_AUTH) as per User Pool Authentication Flow - Server Side Authentication Flow:

  • Pass ADMIN_USER_PASSWORD_AUTH (formerly known as ADMIN_NO_SRP_AUTH ) for the ExplicitAuthFlow parameter in your server-side app’s call to CreateUserPoolClient or UpdateUserPoolClient .

@SamuelEarl @angququ hope this helps, I got stuck on it too!


Thanks for letting us know. We’ll update the chapter with this shortly.

“In this chapter we created a Domain Name and I don’t really understand the use of it. Why is his purpose?”

=> This also makes me confused. Later in the guide, when we use code to manage to infrastructure, there is no information related to the domain name as well, so I think it’s redundant for this guide

Which domain name are you referring to? Can you post a screenshot?

@jayair, I mean this part:

Ah. We don’t use this in the guide but it’s needed when you are using Cognito’s hosted UI for authentication.