API Gateway Domains Across Services


Link to chapter - https://serverless-stack.com/chapters/api-gateway-domains-across-services.html



Hi! I’m trying to implement this architecture on the project created during parts one and two. I have added the functions (create, get, list, delete, and update) to the notes service, deployed everything except the user service because the instructions indicated that the service only existed for the point of the tutorial. I hooked the endpoints up to the frontend running locally and was able sign up as a user but I when I try to add a note I get a 502 error. Any idea why that might be? I have cors set to true in my notes service serverless.yml file for all of my added functions.



Okay I figured it out. I had neglected to install the node modules needed for my functions import statements and it was throwing an error at the api gateway.

The chapters on debugging serverless API issues and API Gateway and Lambda logs were what saved me.

Hopefully that helps someone in the future. :v:

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Glad you figured it out!

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