Add a Create Note API


I have the issue that some other people have, where I run the two commands and nothing happens. I know that serverless is installed correctly. I have my dynamodb table connected in my serverless.yml file. Any ideas of what could be wrong?
I also made sure that I had the correct version of node written into my serverless.yml file
There may be something wrong with how I set up serverless, since when i try typing in “aws s3 ls” the response i get is ‘Connection was closed before we received a valid response from endpoint URL: “”.’


Oh that’s not good. If your aws commands don’t work then a lot of the other commands aren’t going to work either. Are you not connected to the internet or are you using a proxy?


I was connected to the internet, and for some reason I couldn’t connect to AWS at all. The commands kept on timing out before they had a chance to run. I uninstalled everything and am trying to totally reinstall everything from scratch, and I will see what happens. The only issue that I could think of was that there was something wrong with how python was set up, but I am not sure.